Training / Support

Have you heard the horror stories of people buying a franchise and then getting no support? Yeah, we heard them as well, which is why the first area we decided to perfect after taking RKM to the franchise level was our support department.

Here is the base concept—you are there for your client, and we are there for you.

The training program we have for our franchisees is what makes us so unique. In realizing that we are only as good as our franchisees and their teams, we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you and your team grow!

1) In addition to training you how to structure and run your RKM franchise, we provide you with ample training material for any future sales reps you decide to enlist.
2) Because our industry changes rapidly, we conduct informational sessions for you on a regular basis. Holding in-shop trainings, we simulcast them online for those who can’t make it to our training facilities.
3) At headquarters, we complete the daily research necessary to stay up-to-date on the pulse of the industry and science of the craft—and then we make sure you have the inside information as well.

Our custom tailored training programs will get you ready to take on the industry, and we send you armed with perpetual backend support!

While you are the first line of support for your clients, you can always fall back on us when necessary.

We understand that you rely on us to get answers. So if you have a question, need help, or something beyond your control (you know this feeling) just needs to get done, our support team is available to you via email, phone, and internet … and in person, if the situation calls for it!