Our Industry

The marketing—including internet marketing—industry is always evolving. Despite the internet existing as one of the best ways to market a business, many startups and small businesses lack a clear online presence, which tends to coincide with lack of branding.

The reason for this is simple. Many of these business owners are afraid to deal with freelancers due to erratic pricing and unknown quality of services. And they do not have the money to work with an agency … or are concerned about potentially enormous monthly bills.

Where can these business owners turn for a solution? Your RedKnight Marketing location! We have deliberately placed RedKnight Marketing in the empty space between the freelancers and the agencies. This means we are delivering the best of both worlds—agency quality services and products, at a price that rivals the freelancers.

Marketing as a retail concept was only the first industry barrier we broke!

By offering a better quality product than your low end competitors and far better pricing than your high end competitors, in owning an RKM franchise, you will always be first across the finish line in your area.