Georgescu Catalin

Rewritten by machine and new technology, and now I understand the problems you can see.

Php, html, Xhtml, CSS and flash may all look Romanian to you. Lucky for us that Cata speaks Romanian fluently. With his crazy take on programming and things he pulls off with code we also call him the “Magic Man”. If there is any place he would rather live than planet earth, we think it would be the Matrix. With over 9 years of experience looking at what makes a normal person dizzy, and well over 400 developed websites, he is our go to guy for all things programming related. Hot from the press Cata switched from newspapers to web when he saw and realized where the future of print was heading. Cata joined the RedKnight Marketing team in early 2006 as lead developer and programming guru, it is still the mission of our sales force to sell a solution that stumps his programming skills. A solution that stumps him has yet to be sold, but not for lack of the sales people trying!

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