Key Services

Not every business has the same budget—but backed by RedKnight Marketing, you’re able to offer business owners boutique style marketing at fixed pricing!

Website Design – With the expertise and processes of RedKnight Marketing backing you, prepare to quickly become an expert in the field. Don’t want to design websites? You don’t have to! Instead, you’re actually a consultant to your clients on how to move forward with their website the right way, as well as how their site ties into all things marketing. Through our unique process, you will be able to identify and suggest the right course of action for any business looking to go online. The modular elements of our development allow you to be there for that business as it grows … in all facets of website development, graphic design, and marketing.

Graphic Design – Adobe Photoshop®, CorelDRAW®, and Paint® … oh my! So much technology! But it’s a nonissue—because you won’t have to work with any of them. You just put together the concept, and we create the material. Our world class designers are responsible for painting the picture of the concept you’ve created with and for your client. You gather the information, put together the base strategy, and we create the visuals for you. Be it a logo, business card, tri-fold, or flyer, you have the ability to deliver exactly what is needed.

Online Marketing – Confused by social media, PPC, SEO and all the other terms flying around? No worries, you won’t have to know how to execute any of these things. You simply have to know why and how they feed your clients’ bottom lines—and then share with them to make the sale that will exponentially increase their visibility to the audiences that count most. We provide you with every bit of information you need to become fluent at internet marketing jibberish … and then we deliver the goods behind the scenes for you!

Branding – Ah, branding. The key to any business that wants to grow. By offering fixed price solutions to your clients, you will be able to help them in this integral process by maintaining a standard for how their material looks and attracts their target audience, while you are backed by years of experience at the RKM home office. Why are we strong? Because we are well branded. You can accomplish the same for your clients.

Packages – In case you want things even easier, we actually offer custom made industry packages for you and your prospects. Are you comfortable working with contractors? Painters? Consultants, or even non-profits? No worries, we have already done the legwork for you—simply customize it for the industry or industries you choose. Again, with our help!

Whether your prospect has been around for years or is just starting their business, with an RKM franchise, you can easily offer the indispensable and nowhere else found—custom designed, high quality marketing solutions at fixed prices!